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[API/WinAPI] Documentation: PasswordLists properties


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i am developing extended powershell functions for communicating with the api. I try to stick to your API documentation for the properties here. It just seems to me that the API documentation is not up to date or does not contain all options of the individual methods, is that possible?


My primary question: Is the API documentation up-to-date or, due to the fact that i want to integrate all current possible options, should I also test all options that are not documented?
Furthermore I have already found some bugs in the API documentation. I would send you a list here as soon as I am done with it.


An example based on the passwordlists api method:


For example, the option Guide that is missing in your documentation, is working.

Other options that also not available in your documentation like the following are not working:


Example query:
You can see that the above mentioned options are not working (Compare Query <-> Response)

body: {
  "PasswordList": "TestPublicList",
  "Description": "Test public password list",
  "CopySettingsFromPasswordListID": "",
  "CopySettingsFromTemplateID": "",
  "CopyPermissionsFromPasswordListID": "",
  "CopyPermissionsFromTemplateID": "",
  "NestUnderFolderID": 45,
  "LinkToTemplate": "",
  "SiteID": 0,
  "ApplyPermissionsForUserID": "domain\\user",
  "ApplyPermissionsForSecurityGroupID": "",
  "ApplyPermissionsForSecurityGroupName": "",
  "ImageFileName": "protect.png",
  "PasswordGeneratorID": 10,
  "PasswordStrengthPolicyID": 4,
  "PreventBadPasswordUse": false,
  "AllowExport": false,
  "PasswordResetEnabled": true,
  "Permission": "A",
  "Guide": "testguide"


PasswordListID                : 219
PasswordList                  : TestPublicList
Description                   : Test public password list
ImageFileName                 : protect.png
Guide                         : testguide
AllowExport                   : True
PrivatePasswordList           : False
TimeBasedAccessRequired       : False
NoApprovers                   : 1
DisableNotifications          : False
PasswordStrengthPolicyID      : 1
PasswordGeneratorID           : 0
CodePage                      : Using Passwordstate Default Code Page
PreventPasswordReuse          : 5
AuthenticationType            : None Required
AuthenticationPerSession      : False
PreventExpiryDateModification : False
SetExpiryDate                 : 0
ResetExpiryDate               : 0
PreventDragDrop               : True
PreventBadPasswordUse         : True
ProvideAccessReason           : False
TreePath                      : \Services\Domain\Test
TotalPasswords                : 0
GeneratorName                 : Using user's personal Password Generator Options
PolicyName                    : Default Policy
PasswordResetEnabled          : False
ForcePasswordGenerator        : False
HidePasswords                 : False
ShowGuide                     : False
EnablePasswordResetSchedule   : False
PasswordResetSchedule         : 00:00
AddDaysToExpiryDate           : 90
SiteID                        : 0
SiteLocation                  : Internal
OneTimePasswords              : False


As workaround you can add the option "CopySettingsFromTemplateID": 1 to your json, so the settings will be copied from the specified TemplateID.




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Hello Rene,


I've had a quick look, and it does seem a couple of properties are missing from the documentation, which we'll fix for the next release. When creating Password List via the API, we do not expose the majority of atttributes, as there are many of them - and then there is also all the different types of fields, and how they can be configured. Because of that complexity, we instead provide options to copy all these settings/fields either from an existing Password List, or Password List Template.

Looking at the class definition for this method, the only property that is missing from the documentation was the Guide field.



Click Studios

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