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List Permissions in API


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We would like to be able to extract a list of individual password permissions via API. Right now, we can only add/update/delete, but not get the current permissions.


This would be a great help in our work to automate permissions handling via active directory for thousands of service accounts and similar if we were able to also get any current permissions.


Perhaps, it could be included as part of the data that's returned by the 'Retrieving a password' function, as a nested array. If we use  the example in your API documentation, it could look something like this (See bold text at bottom):



GET 'https://passwordstate/winapi/passwords/46411'

    # Response
    HTTP/1.1 200          
            "PasswordID": 46411,
            "Title": "forum4",
            "Domain": "",
            "HostName": "",
            "UserName": "login2",
            "Description": "My login to forum4",
            "GenericField1": "loginasa",
            "GenericField2": "",
            "GenericField3": "",
            "GenericField4": "",
            "GenericField5": "",
            "GenericField6": "",
            "GenericField7": "",
            "GenericField8": "",
            "GenericField9": "",
            "GenericField10": "",
            "GenericFieldInfo": [
                    "GenericFieldID": "GenericField1",
                    "DisplayName": "Pin Number",
                    "Value": "0000"
                    "GenericFieldID": "GenericField2",
                    "DisplayName": "Surname",
                    "Value": "Reznor"
            "AccountTypeID": 0,
            "Notes": "",
            "URL": "http://www.microsoft.com",
            "Password": "ZHn#3+A^yc",
            "ExpiryDate": "23/08/2012",
            "AllowExport": true,
            "AccountType": "",
            "OTP": "",
            "Permissions": [
                    "UserID": "domain\\User1",
                    "Permission": "M"
                    "UserID": "domain\\User2",
                    "Permission": "V"


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